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The Network Code is a set of provisions issued by the National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) and supervised by the CRE, which tends to improve the profile and quality of electrical energy and to protect the National Electric System from failures caused both by the Load Centers and by the electricity producers that are interconnected to the National Electric System, under the criteria of Efficiency, Quality, Reliability, Continuity, Safety and Sustainability.

Posted: April 8, 2016

Entry into force: April 8, 2019

torre eléctrica alta tensión

Who is obliged to comply with the Network Code

The requirements of the Network Code are mandatory for electricity producers (CFE and independent), as well as for all Load Centers at High and Medium Voltage levels, that is, with demands greater than 1000 kW, and of course , to Qualified Users, which are those with more than 1,000 kW in voltages greater than 45,000 Volts, that is, it applies to users of wholesale electricity upwards.

Penalties for non-compliance

When a Load Center produces disturbances or anomalies that damage the National Electric System and fail to comply with the parameters already defined by the Network Code, it will be subject to very severe fines:

First instance: From 50,000 to 200,000 minimum wages

Second instance: From 2% to 10% of the total billing of the last year

Last instance: Indefinite disconnection of the service, with the consequential damage of the stoppage of activities.  

Depending on the magnitude of the non-compliance, the IE Member must compulsorily present a Work Plan detailing the corresponding corrective actions.

Learn about all the technical requirements for Load Centers

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Altos Electrical Engineering, your ally to comply with the Network Code

Altos has measurement and diagnostic equipment, made up of monitoring devices classified as class A,  with the ability to synchronize with the metering equipment of the electricity supplier, to audit and validate the consumption and the rates that have been contracted.


Likewise, it has potential and current transformers, that is, compact measurement equipment to be installed at the common coupling point or at the factory connection, to detect through a monitoring system the compliance or not of the parameters that requires the Network Code.


If Altos detects non-compliance with the Grid Code, a series of corrective measures are proposed to the client to ensure that it is within the maximum parameters allowed through: monitoring of specific panels and the design and installation of filters, harmonics, banks of capacitors and the elements that are necessary to make the adequate compensation.


Likewise, the engineers of Altos Ingeniería Eléctrica are registered in the Association of Engineers in Power Quality to achieve improvement in the matter of Power Quality and to be able to provide a service of the best quality to its clients.

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