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Altos Ingeniería Eléctrica offers the service of Consulting in Power Quality or Energy Quality, which is the fulfillment of the technical requirements determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) on the characteristics and conditions of the Electricity Supply, in order to ensure the correct performance of the equipment and devices of the End Users, as well as their integrity against possible distortions, imbalances and electrical fluctuations.


The collaborators of Altos Ingeniería Eléctrica continuously prepare themselves in Power Quality to offer the most efficient, safe and reliable solutions to their clients, during the planning, construction, maintenance and monitoring of medium and high voltage electrical installations.


Power Quality Criteria in Load Centers

  • In the points of connection to the network there are no distortions or fluctuations in the supply voltage caused by its installations beyond what is specified in the Network Code. ​​​​

  • The special Load Centers must comply with the specified limits of harmonic distortion in currents, voltage fluctuation (flicker) and current unbalance.

  • Conventional Load Centers shall meet the specified current unbalance limits only.

  • Periodic variations in voltage amplitude (voltage fluctuation or flicker). The number of variations per minute, in Medium Voltage and High Voltage connections in steady state, must be limited according to the Network Code.

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