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Substations, plants and UPS's

Preventive care of any electrical substation and corrective service to electrical transformers is essential to ensure continuity in the operations of any industrial complex.


The analysis of the physical-chemical state of the transformer oil is recommended annually, it is suggested to carry out insulation resistance tests, transformation ratio, duct tests and also the ground system to verify the state of the substation.


Altos Ingeniería Eléctrica offers a preventive and corrective Industrial Electrical Maintenance service, as well as various tests and studies:


tests to



to switches and boards

Preventive maintenance to emergency plants

  • Commissioning for transformers.

  • HIPOT and VLF to medium voltage conductors.

  • insulation resistance.

  • Transformation relation.

  • Air tightness.

  • Filtering and change of oil to transformers.

  • Physical-chemical analysis of the oil.

  • Gas chromatography.

  • Analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in oil.

  • Current injection for validation of trigger values.

  • Contact resistance (duct).

  • Thermographs.

  • Cleaning and retightening of connections.

  • Oil change.

  • Change of filters.

  • Boot tests.

  • Battery voltage tests.

  • Physical inspection.

  • Cleaning and retightening of connections.

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