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Altos Ingeniería Eléctrica is an expert in the application of CFE standards, which are constantly being updated thanks to the Equipment and Materials Testing Laboratory (LAPEM) . The purpose of these standards is to standardize the quality and simplify the construction of Low, Medium and High Voltage electrical installations to achieve efficient and safe operation with a minimum of maintenance.


CFE standards

  • Installation of Low Voltage Connections

  • Construction of Aerial Installations in Medium and Low Voltage

  • Construction of High Voltage Overhead Lines from 69kV to 138 kV

  • Construction of Distribution Substations

  • Construction of Transmission Substations

  • Measurement for Connection with Compact Substation

  • Metering for Connection with Post-Type Substation

  • Metering for Connection with Roof Substation

  • Measurement for Connection with Pedestal-type Substation

  • Measurement for Connection with Substation with Combined Equipment

  • Construction of Works by Third Parties

  • Electric Power Supplies to High-Rise Buildings

  • Overhead Transmission Line Design

Download the CFE Standard for Aerial Installations
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